Jolly Grammar 2

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Designed to follow on from the Jolly Phonics Pupil Books 1, 2 and 3, the Grammar Pupil Books builds on the skills taught in Jolly Phonics, and introduces grammar and spelling rules to improve writing and reading comprehension. Children are able to work through the Grammar 2 Pupil book and complete a wide variety of engaging activities, which develop grammar, spelling, punctuation and comprehension skills. Lessons are provided for 1 Grammar or punctuation and 1 Spelling lesson per week for a for a year. The teacher is able to support and guide the children with the Grammar 2 Teacher's Book. Topics covered include: * New spelling patterns - ei, eigh, ture * Silent letters - b, c, h, k, w * Syllables * Identifying the short vowels * Spelling rules - consonant doubling and adding suffixes * Tricky word families * Revision of elements covered in the Grammar 1 Pupil Book * Further adjectives - possessive * Comparatives and superlatives * Prepositions * Conjunctions * Dictionary work * Punctuation * Exclamation marks * Apostrophes * Further sentence development *Please note that only the covers of our Jolly Grammar Pupil Books have been refreshed and updated. The content is the same as the previous editions and they can still be used alongside the Grammar Teacher's Books. ISBNs and JL codes also remain the same.
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